Why Laminate
Why should I laminate/bond my fabrics? There are several good reasons :

• To save time and labour in the cutting room and in the sewing department.
  This will result in improved competitiveness and increased profitability.

• To create composite fabrics e.g. toweling/pvc for baby bibs, fabric/breathable
  film for outerwear, fabric/foam for office partitioning, tricot/pvc for baby
  pilchers, pvc/foam for shoe insoles etc.

To impove the technical properties, e.g. spunbond non-woven to fiberfill for
  upholstery. When the cover material is pulled over the fibre it slides easily
  over the spunbond without snagging in the fiberfill.

To enhance the appearance and quality of the final product – the hanger appeal of
  padded jackets and ski-wear is greatly enhanced through lamination as the
  garments have a ‘fuller’ appearance. The quality of the padded garment is
  also improved by the near elimination of fibre migration. The garment will
  withstand laundering better as the fibrefill will not tear out of the seams and
  end up in the pockets of the garment.

Greater flexibility in fabric selection.